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Our aim is to grow a department store and shopping centre on-line presence and to empower individuals with the ability to create their own on-line business without costing the earth to do so. Unlike many of our competitors, we are not a one-horse wonder, being that you can only sell one supplier’s product range. There will be multiple suppliers with whom e-shop owners can do business.

There will be a true department store or shopping centre environment where individual companies set themselves up a department store or shopping centre, upload a series of “core based products” and enable individuals, charities, sports clubs, schools, colleges or anybody else, the ability to create their very own e-shop. Each and every department store or shopping centre will be supplying a varied assortment of products onto which you can place your artwork and graphic, and in the case of e-shop owners, there is the ability, permission specific, of owning several e-shops with each assigned to a different department store or shopping centre. In effect, e-shop owners can have as many e-shops they want, and spread these to many on-line locations for free!

As the number of department stores and shopping centres increase so too will the number of customers shopping within our unique web-hosting platform. As each department store or shopping centre is built and released for e-shop population, the search functionality will allow customers the ability to search out these new departments stores, shopping centres and the all important new e-shops as each is listed within our function rich searchable section, which includes such things as Most Popular Product, Products, Type of e-shop, Type of department store or shopping centre and multiple other suitable searches.