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Podshop Software Solutions Limited

Podshop Software Solutions Limited


Podshop Software Solutions Limited (“Podshop”) - Advertising Information.


Podshop’s marketing department offer a selection of banner advertising campaigns to suit most budgets, whether its just one week or several months, they’re here to help manage your marketing strategy on our unique web platform.


We have a dedicated team of highly skilled banner ad designers, who will either design a suitable banner ad for your campaign or upload your own one. 


There are three banner ad sizes to choose from:


  • 120 x 200


  • 120 x 400


  • 120 x 600


We offer a scale charging system.  The cost of each banner ad is dependant on the following factors:


  • Website page


  • Position on a page


  • Banner ad size


  • Banner ad campaign duration



In the first instance call Chris White on: +44 (0) 1252 724160 or use our automated reply form click here...